Art Showcase 2: Sydney Living

It may not have the ancient, historical allure of European cities, or the over-the-top, big-brand flashiness of modern-day America, but Sydney certainly has its own quiet, colorful charm. You can find these slices of Sydney as printed products at my Redbubble page: They’re available as coffee mugs, tote bags, phone cases, and other useful items– or just have them brighten up a room as framed wall art. Clicking on each picture opens up its full product selection.

Clowns Need Love Too
A clown makes whimsical balloon artworks in Market Square, behind Pitt Street Mall.
Hyde Park Fountain
Hyde Park’s magnificently sculpted fountain. The sculptures depict a scene from Greek mythology: Theseus triumphing over the Minotaur.
Harbour Dockside
A tranquil seagull surveys his home turf on the docks of Sydney Harbour.
Midnight Whirl
Sydney’s Darling Harbour hosts numerous fun activities for kids both big and small. This ferris wheel, which also doubles as a viewing deck, is one such attraction.
Post Office Before Dark
Surrounded by the glass towers of swanky modern-day office buildings, the North Sydney post office is one of the few remnants of the city’s early colonial architecture.
Opera by Ferry
Catching the ferry from Balmain to downtown Sydney gives you this sweeping view of the famous Opera House. Thousands of city-bound commuters are treated to this sight every morning.

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