Newtown Funk

What’s not to love about Newtown? Situated in Sydney’s inner west, it’s a colorful, eclectic hub of mixed cultures, the arts, fashion, and wonderfully vibrant people. One of the best ways to soak up all these is to spend a day at the markets, which open right across the road from the train station every Saturday. Check out these creative slices of fashion:

Wanting Collection
Instagram: @wantingcollection

Random, cute, fun accessories and clothes. Their socks, shirts, and pants are emblazoned with all kinds of wacky, outrageous prints, and some of their jewelry looks good enough to eat. (Click each photo for a larger view.)


Sterling silver bracelets, pendants, rings, and other accents in innovative designs. Whether you want something showy and fabulous, simple and elegant, or quirky chic, you’ll find something here for everyone. (Click each photo for a larger view.)

My Flower Table
Instagram: @my_flower_table

Enjoy the cheerful, timeless look of dried flowers with My Flower Table’s wearable art, home decor, greeting cards, and more. The air fresheners are particularly lovely– they’re made of soy wax and natural essences, and they look absolutely enchanting. (Click each photo for a larger view.)

Bloom of Youth
Instagram: @bloomofyouth

Gorgeous handcrafted pendants, bracelets and rings, each one containing a real pressed, dried flower. The ones made with tiny, delicate pink roses are great romantic gifts. (Click each photo for a larger view.)

Rumbutter Leather
Instagram: @rumbutter_leather

Stylish and durable with a satiny smooth finish, these leather accessories are all cleverly and lovingly hand-stitched. Custom orders are also accepted! (Click each photo for a larger view.)

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